Hell House In Gary, Indiana

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Obama Fail: Kills Keystone Pipeline Jobs
ALL of the net jobs gains in the U.S. since 2000 have gone to immigrants
VA hospitals fund solar panels while veterans wait for doctors
McDaniel Supporters Barred From Reviewing Voter Rolls in Three Mississippi Counties
Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US, Shoots At Border Agents
Pay $500 more in tuition at DevBootCamp if you are male, white, or Asian
Obama Economy Fail: Shrinks 2.9%
Hillary Lied For Obama: Benghazi Cover-Up
Hillary Laughed About Rape
645 Days to Arrest Benghazi Terrorist, 16 Days to Arrest Filmmaker
Boy finds mummified corpse hanging in closet
US agency still flying illegals to Arizona

2 jailed after neighbor was ‘eaten alive’ by pet dog
Woman dials 999 in row over ice cream sprinkles
Democrats In Your Bedroom
Obama-Released Terrorist: Tan, Rested, and Ready To Kill Americans
Husband, Wife Killed When Their Cars Collided in Head-On Crash
Obama, Rescue: NO – Terror Trade: YES
Bowe Bergdahl Truth was ‘deliberately suppressed’
Release of Taliban Detainees Alarms Afghan Villagers
Obama Dumbbell
Man in gorilla suit shot with tranquilliser dart at Tenerife zoo
Global Warming Hoax: No Warming For 17 Years
Obamacare Fail: 2 Million To Lose Coverage

Allure Of Amnesty Draws Hordes Of Illegals
Obama Fail: Bowe Bergdahl Had Deserted Before
Global Warmists Lie About Polar Bears
Dead Democrats Just Keep Voting
Fail: Obama White House Outs Key U.S. Spy
Dodgers prospect Alex Guerrero’s ear partially bitten off by teammate
Rush Limbaugh Wins Award
Obama Protecting Criminal Illegal Aliens
Obamacare Fail: Contractors Paid To Do Nothing
Bouncy House of Horrors
Obama: Immigration Enforcement Not Smart