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Valerie Jarret and Barack Obama have plotted to overthrow the President. They are now attempting to execute their plan.

I have given the sequence of events some serious thought. By using The Daily Battle data points, believe I have uncovered a nefarious plot, produced by Valerie Jarett and Barack Obama, to depose Donald Trump as President.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the premise they decided upon is that Donald Trump solicited help from Russia to pervert the election, on order to ensure that Hillary Clinton lost.

This will be used as the rationale to impeach the President or cause him to step down.

Some of the data points I have assembled are actual actions; other data points are the blurtings of various people who have some partial knowledge of the possible plot. Here are the datapoints that have led me to my conclusion

  1. Obama puts sanctions on Russia and ejects diplomats for “influencing our election.” This is the trap. (Source)
  2. Obama signs an Executive Order (Executive Order 12333) that permits wide sharing of surveillance information among all intelligence and law enforcement agencies. (Source)
  3. Obama signs an Executive Order that allows an Obama-friendly lawyer to succeed Sessions in case Sessions had to recuse himself from the Russian election investigation. (Source)
  4. Obama moves to a house in D.C., where he sets up his war room. (Source)
  5. John McCain produces a strange, absurd, and completely unvetted report about Donald Trump and Russia, alleging contacts between the two (and a strange, unlikely ‘sexual blackmail’ claim). (Source)
  6. Senator Charles Schumer blurts out that the CIA “has six ways from Sunday” to attack the President. (Source)
  7. General Mike Flynn, the National Security Advisor, is forced out. This was opening salvo in the Soft Coup attempt. (Source)
  8. The New York Times reveals that Obama’s agencies specifically monitored Trumps’ associates, looking for any Russian ties. (Source)
  9. During the Attorney General confirmation hearings, Jeff Sessions is pressured to promise to recuse himself on any investigation wherein which he might be perceived as biased. (Source)
  10. Senator Charles Schumer blurts out the timeline of this plot, stating that the GOP will abandon President Trump by the summer. (Source)
  11. A former CIA analyst reveals that Obama’s people in the Intelligence community were directly involved in leaks meant to damage President Trump. (Source)
  12. Eric Holder blurts out that Barack Obama is re-entering politics in a big way. (Source)
  13. John McCain doubles-down on the absurd Russian report, in which Donald Trump is said to be sexually compromised by Russia. (Source)
  14. AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from any investigation into the 2016 election (as he promised). (Source)
  15. Valerie Jarrett moves into Obama’s war room in D.C. (Source)
  16. Maxine Brown blurts out “That’s why I’ve been so focused on saying we have got to have credible investigations and we have got to drill down. We’ve got to connect the dots. And we’ve got to follow the money. Remember, I’ve been saying this for a long time and even though some people didn’t like it, I said that I believe that if we do the work, it will lead to impeachment of the president.” (Source)

If my suspicions are correct, look for the following events to unfold:

  • Led by Senator Charles Schumer, there will be slow-walking or stonewalling of the appointment of Deputy or Associate Attorney Generals that might be next in line after AG Sessions on any Russian investigation.
  • Any such appointees, if they do make it in, will be targeted as having Russian ties of their own.
  • Failing that, Democrats will begin clamoring for a Special Prosecutor. Paul Ryan may attempt to make this happen; he has the Presidency to gain.
  • Steve Bannon will be targeted for political elimination. (Starting already)
  • Pence will be targeted for political elimination, and will be impeached right alongside Donald Trump.
  • Globalist and RINO members of the Republican party will express “concern” about Trumps’ “ties to Russia”.
  • THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE: Salted (fabricated) evidence will be produced that will directly implicates President Donald Trump in having had contacts with Russia about interfering in the 2016 election.
  • Ryan is to be made President sometime in 2017. Paul Ryan, being a Globalist and Elitist, will do much less “damage” to Barack Obama’s legacy.

The item that is bolded and underlined is very important. It is not hard to fabricate electronic ‘evidence’. Everything that is data-related can be spoofed and manufactured, including date/time metadata stamps, origin information, even a quasi-forensic chain of evidence. I believe this fabricated (salted) evidence is being held in reserve, awaiting the right time for revelation to maximally damage Trump and perhaps tip the fake investigation into an actual impeachment.

This will all be facilitated by a hostile press, whose most egregious members have only printed 3% positive stories about Donald Trump, and who — over all the various outlets — have published up to 88% negative reports about President Trump.

This all sounds like a poorly-written spy novel, and on its face, would seem utterly and bizarrely fantastic. However, Obama has never been one for clinging to rational or conventional thinking (witness his preoccupation with transgender rights and his constant attempts to elevate Islam over traditional American religions.) A cursory review of Barack Obama reveals that he is not constrained by tradition or even normalcy, so this kind of political plot would absolutely be within his ability.



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