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It’s a deeply perplexing story line, and yet we hear it every day: Donald Trump is a fascist and white supremacist whose political rise is ominously reminiscent of Hitler’s. He stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton by secretly colluding with Russia to hack America’s democracy. His fellow Republicans are selfish, mean-spirited people who care only about themselves and their super-rich friends and want to deny health care to poor children. Republicans are also racist and anti-immigrant (after all, Trump once claimed all Mexicans are rapists), and are always trying to prevent minorities from voting. Republicans also have contempt for the environment and are content to pollute or overheat it until it’s uninhabitable by the human race and we all die.

Democrats, on the other hand, are forward-thinking, tolerant, peace-loving and morally superior folk, champions of the common man, especially the many minority groups cruelly oppressed by Republicans. Abortion, a cherished constitutional right that simply involves the removal of unwanted tumor-like tissue from a woman’s body, is constantly under attack by intolerant anti-choice religious fanatics. The same oppressive bigots also target LGBTQ Americans, even though homosexuality and same-sex marriage are perfectly wholesome and moral. Likewise, transgenderism is absolutely normal, with gender identity now understood by science to be fluid, encompassing many possible gender choices far beyond Western society’s oppressive binary male-female paradigm. Islam, a beautiful religion of peace, has nothing to do with terrorism; in fact, studies prove most terror attacks are actually perpetrated by right-wing extremists. This great divide in today’s America – between ignorant, racist, theocratic right-wingers and moral, compassionate, enlightened progressives – has been playing out for generations. In fact, Adolf Hitler was a far-right Christian whose ultraconservative racist views led to the Nazi Holocaust. Which brings us back to Donald Trump.

Such is the fabric of today’s wildly delusional left-wing mindscape, the “story line” so many Democrats embrace.

Yet such views, which comprise the very warp and weft of the narrative espoused daily by college students, Democrat politicians, progressives and “mainstream” journalists, are reflective not of reality, but of a fantastic Alice-in-Wonderland realm in which the left increasingly dwells.



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