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You didn’t think we’d get through Thanksgiving with no anthem protests did you? If you did, you quite possibly haven’t been watching a lot of football this year.

Which, given the NFL’s enormous and unprecedented ratings and attendance decline, means you have a lot of company.

During the anthem prior to the Redskins tilt against the Giants, New York defensive lineman Olivier Vernon took a knee:

I’d love to add to the words in the tweet, but the situation is summed up pretty well. Considering Vernon also protested on Veterans Day, maybe no one should be shocked that he would protest on Thanksgiving. However, as mentioned, to do it on a day of giving thanks wile a soldier sings the anthem, is just beneath contempt.

It’s not too hard to imagine that a lot of people probably turned the game off after seeing that; that is, if they turned it on in the first place.



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