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Homemade shotgun turned in at gun buyback event in San Francisco

Individuals running San Francisco’s annual gun buyback got played Saturday by an individual who turned in a homemade shotgun for money.

ABC 7 reports the buyback “offered $100 for every handgun and $200 for every assault weapon, no questions asked.” It was sponsored by United Playaz, a violence prevention group, and overseen by the San Francisco Police Department.

The homemade shotgun was one of 187 guns turned in during the day. It consisted of a pipe zip-tied to a piece a wood. It had no hammer or trigger and lacked sights.

The buyback also brought in numerous corroded, single-shot black powder handguns, but San Francisco police director of communications David Stevenson praised the buyback effort.

Stevenson said, “We don’t know what to expect year to year. Even getting one gun off the street is a good thing if it measured by its potential for harm.”



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