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Steven Lamar Foster Hates His County (what a great liberal!)

The candidate berated officers during his field sobriety test, subsequent arrest and ride to the police station, making several bizarre comments during the episode.

He demanded several blood samples be taken.

“I would like to have two independent [blood tests],” Foster said. “I would like to have one sent to Canada, which I have the right to have it sent to Canada — Toronto. I’d like to have one sent to Foggy Bottom.”

Foggy Bottom is a neighborhood in Washington D.C., and former home of the CIA. It has become a metonym for the clandestine intelligence service.

“Go right ahead, I’ve had them pinched before by Columbian police,” Foster said as he was handcuffed. “It’s all right, I’ve been in jail in six damn countries and the state of Mississippi.”

The tirade included a racial component, too.

“It’s all right, they can’t help it,” he said as he was being led to the police cal in handcuffs. “They’re not going to arrest no Hispanics. They are not going to arrest somebody that is a damn Arab. They are not going to do that because guess what …”

The arresting officer slammed the door to the police car before he could finish his sentence.



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