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Left-wing Antifa Thugs Attack Media and Police in Charlottesville

Language Warning: The following article contains offensive language

On Saturday evening, NBC News correspondent Cal Perry and his camera crew were assaulted by a group of violent Antifa members in Charlottesville, VA. Antifa claimed they were there to promote safety during the one year anniversary of Heather Heyer’s death, but video footage shows this to be the opposite.

“Protester,” NBC reporter Perry tweeted, “very aggressive with media.”

Roughly twenty minutes later, Perry posted footage of a far-left activist attacking his camera saying, “Fu**, snitch A**, B**ch F**k you.”

As noted by Newsbusters, one Twitter user responded to the scenes of violence perpetrated by Antifa by saying “f**k off media vulture.” Perry replied, “Yeah. We’re getting a lot of this. Protesters trying to grab our camera.

This morning, Perry praised the actions of Charlottesville police for keeping the situation relatively under control. He posted more footage showing hordes of let-wig anarchists hurling epithets against police, advocating violence, and resisting arrest.

Other video obtained by Wired Sources shows an unruly scene as Antifa attacks police officers in between chants of “Black Lives Matter” and “F**k the police.”

Police presence remains heavy in Charlottesville today as well as in Washington, DC where it clashes between Antifa and white nationalist groups are expected during the “Unite the Right” rally.



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