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‘Being left means never having to say you’re sorry’

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says on WND TV that no one from the Democratic Party ever has apologized for its advocacy of slavery.

Appearing on Jamie Glazov’s show, D’Souza was asked to “name the Democrat who has represented Democrats in admitting and apologizing for the racist history of the Democrats.”

D’Souza, who recently was pardoned by President Trump for an election-law violation for which the Obama administration wanted him imprisoned, was stumped.

“This is the remarkable thing. At a time when the media and press want Trump to apologize for things he never did … the Democratic Party, the party of slavery, the party that invented the notion of slavery as a positive good” hasn’t apologized.

He pointed out every segregation law was passed by Democratic lawmakers and signed by Democratic governors.

“Being left means never having to say you’re sorry,” Glazov added.

Trump announced May 31 his pardon of D’Souza, known for his theatrical films critical of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

D’Souza was sentenced in 2014 to five years of probation, including eight months living under supervision in a “community confinement center” and a $30,000 fine, after pleading guilty to violating federal campaign finance laws. Obama administration prosecutors had sought 10 months in prison. At the time, D’Souza’s supporters saw a double standard, maintaining Holder’s Justice Department typically ignored similar technical violations in contributions to Democratic Party campaigns.

Trump tweeted: “Will be giving a Full Pardon to Dinesh D’Souza today. He was treated very unfairly by our government!”

Donald J. Trump


Will be giving a Full Pardon to Dinesh D’Souza today. He was treated very unfairly by our government!

“I’m very relieved to have my record clean in a way that fully restores my faith in America, my American dream,” D’Souza said in an interview on Laura Ingraham’s show. “Something that’s hanging over you and you have the United States of American versus Dinesh D’Souza, and that is now gone.”

In 2015, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, chastised Democrats for hypocrisy in a speech on the House floor amid the nationwide condemnation of the Confederate flag.

He suggested those who want to erase from U.S. society all symbols and signs that are tainted by anything racist ought to do a complete job of it.

“In thinking about that,” Gohmert said, “I think there is an entity that was so evil in supporting slavery, in fighting against civil rights, in fighting against the Christian brother that Martin Luther King Jr. was … we ought to look at those symbols and ought to look at what they stood for and perhaps ban any political organization [that touted them] from participating in Congress.”

He then read from the Democratic Party’s political platforms from 1856 and from 1860, which stated “all efforts of the abolitionists or others made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery … have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people and endanger the permanence and stability of the union and ought not to be countenanced by any friend of our political institutions.”

“That was the official number one plank,” Gohmert said, of the Democratic Party’s 1856 platform.

And the third plank for that year?

“They’re saying they want to preserve slavery in any state that wants to have it,” he said. “I mean, it sounds like something the Ku Klux Klan would’ve done.”

Gohmert said the party adopted the same platforms again in 1860 and concluded: “So if we’re going to eliminate everything that reminds us of the hideous past that supported slavery, the oppression, the horrors that slavery entailed … if we’re going to have a complete cleansing of this country of anything, any symbol, then this platform from the Democratic Party in 1856 and 1860 … then I think it’s time not for the Washington Redskins to change its name, but for the Democratic Party to change its name.

“Because the history of the Democratic Party is one of oppressing African-Americans, one of supporting slavery,” he said.






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