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‘Financial gun’ to his head

School children

A school board in Indiana has formally decided to accept the “resignation” of a teacher who was ordered to adopt the transgender social agenda by using opposite sex names for students who wanted it that way.

But it appears the fight is far from over, with officials with the Alliance Defending Freedom suggesting that the school handled its attack on John Kluge in a way that was “beyond bullying.”

BizPacReview said Kluge was ordered by Brownsburg School District to call girls who thought they were boys by boys names, and vice versa.

That violated his faith, and he worked out a compromise to use students’ last names.

But then the school reneged, ordering that he would be fired, or if he resigned he’d be paid over the summer.

Kluge submitted, but now argues that officials were putting a “financial gun” to his head.

The 28-year-old Christian teacher had taught music-theory classes and conducted the school’s orchestra for four years.

“I really care about kids and I don’t want to do any harm to them,” he told Fox’s Todd Starnes. “I was talking to my pastor about the scenario of calling a student by an opposite sex name and what harm I believe that would do to them.

“I remember breaking down and weeping at that scenario. I cannot in good conscience do what I believe will cause harm,” he said.

Kluge began having second thoughts after consulting with the ADF.

“We think that there have been some serious mistakes made and they may give rise to a legal cause of action,” attorney Michael Cork told Starnes. “The resignation scenario was handled in a way that was beyond bullying.”

BizPacReview said, “The issue has divided the community as was seen in an emotional school board meeting on Monday where it was announced that Kluge’s resignation had been approved … Angry parents voiced their concerns and berated the school board for a policy some said they did not even know existed.”

WND reported earlier when the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council was urging supporters to contact the district to protest the policy.

“Indiana’s Brownsburg High School doesn’t want good teachers. It wants politically correct ones. And administrators will do anything – including forcing out Christians – to get them,” FRC said.

Under Barack Obama’s transgender agenda, the Department of Education instructed public schools to let transgender students use the bathroom or locker room of their choice, meaning a boy who says he’s a girl would be allowed to shower with girls.

The Trump administration reversed the policy soon after Trump took office, but some schools continued to enforce the Obama policy.



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