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(Big League Politics) – If there wasn’t already enough evidence that there is a clear bias with all things media related, the latest “review” of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary by Rotten Tomatoes tells you all you need to know.

Donald Trump Jr. co-hosted the red carpet premier of the movie in DC alongside D’Souza and fully endorsed the movie!

Death of a Nation hit theaters on August 3rd bringing in $2,356,522 on opening weekend, and ranking #13 overall according to Box Office Mojo.

CinemaScore is an independent polling company that rates movies based on surveys of audience reaction. Most movies score a B or C with CinemaScore.

The contrast between what Rotten Tomatoes refers to as “Top Critics” and the response from the general audience who viewed D’Souza’s documentary is remarkably polarized.

Rotten Tomatoes currently has 66 pages worth of mostly 5-star reviews from those who viewed the movie over the weekend, where as their own “Top critics” gave the movie on average a 1/5 or an F-grade. (Not 100% sure on if they just make the grading scale up as they go, but that appears to be the case with these “Top critics”.) Here’s a sample of some of the reviews from moviegoers on page 1 of 66.

WATCH the trailer for Death of a Nation:

Movie info:

Not since 1860 have the Democrats so fanatically refused to accept the result of a free election. That year, their target was Lincoln. They smeared him. They went to war to defeat him. In the end, they assassinated him. Now the target of the Democrats is President Trump and his supporters. The Left calls them racists, white supremacists and fascists. These charges are used to justify driving Trump from office and discrediting the right “by any means necessary.” But which is the party of the slave plantation? Which is the party that invented white supremacy? Which is the party that praised fascist dictators and shaped their genocidal policies and was in turn praised by them? Moreover, which is the party of racism today? Is fascism now institutionally embodied on the right or on the left? Through stunning historical recreations and a searching examination of fascism and white supremacy, Death of a Nation cuts through progressive big lies to expose hidden history and explosive truths. Lincoln united his party and saved America from the Democrats for the first time. Can Trump-and we-come together and save America for the second time?



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