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College students in Washington, D.C. slammed President Donald Trump for a “racist” remark, but it was really former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who originally said it.

Clinton made her racist joke at a Q&A last Friday night in New York.

The host of the event mistakenly attributed comments from former Attorney General Eric Holder to Sen. Cory Booker.

“They all look alike,” Clinton replied.

The joke has been largely ignored by establishment media personalities who would have likely skewered Trump if he made a similar comment.

However, college students accepted that the joke is racist after being led to believe Trump made the joke.

“Some are calling this a sarcastic joke, while others are calling it racist,” Daily Caller columnist Stephanie Hamill asked the students after saying Trump made the comments.

“I think it’s a racist sarcastic joke,” one student replied.

Another student, who seemed to be outraged over the joke, went on a long-winded rant.

“By President Trump saying that all black people look the same, that’s incredibly offensive and that’s incredibly racist, and there’s no need for that to happen. People are individuals and it’s really important to recognize lived experiences and who they are as individuals, and I definitely think that’s racist,” the student said.

For someone who seems so triggered over the joke, it’s surprising that she hasn’t heard it yet.

It’s almost as if the left-wing establishment media barely covered Clinton’s racist joke.

The student offered her theory on why she hadn’t heard the joke.

“Hillary Clinton for a while was seen as a much more liberal candidate and was definitely put on a pedestal in comparison to Donald Trump,” she said.

That’s an interesting theory. It’s definitely possible that Clinton’s racist joke didn’t get as much attention because she’s “much more liberal.” The left-wing establishment media wouldn’t want to make their side look bad.

After all the interviewed students found out that Clinton made the joke instead of Trump, they conceded that the joke was still racist.

Even typically left-wing college students won’t try to defend Clinton’s comments.

Democratic politicians and the establishment media should condemn Clinton’s racist joke — A racist joke is racist no matter who said it.



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