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Welcome to the Breitbart News LiveWire of the 2018 midterm elections. Democrats need to pick up 23 seats to take back the House of Representatives and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who is looking to regain her Speakership, said earlier in the day that she is 100% certain that Democrats will win back the House. As David Axelrod said on CNN, Trump will either win the House tonight or retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will lose it.

Democrats are less optimistic about taking back the Senate, especially after President Donald Trump barnstormed across the country in recent weeks to stump for key Republican Senate candidates. Odds favor Republicans maintaining control of the Senate and perhaps even gaining a few seats.

All eyes will also be on key gubernatorial races in states (Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin) that will have huge 2020 ramifications.

Precincts across key states have seen record turnout while voting machines have malfunctioned from Georgia to Texas, forcing voters to stand hours in line to vote. Exit polling revealed that health care was the top issue for midterm voters while immigration was the most important issue for GOP voters.

Stay tuned throughout the evening for live updates of all of the important races. All times eastern.



11:29 AM: MONTANA:

Craig Caplan


Stil counting votes this morning in #MTSen Tester vs Rosendale race with Republican challenger leading the incumbent Democratic Senator.

View image on Twitter

Craig Caplan


#MTSen race with 86% reporting:

Matt Rosendale 48.73% 203,614

Jon Tester 48.40% 202,267


ABC News


NEW: Sen. Bill Nelson issues statement on close Florida race against Gov. Rick Scott: “We are proceeding to a recount.” 

10:15 AM: GEORGIA: Results may not be certified for a week.



Georgia counties might not certify results until next Tuesday. The Abrams team says on press call that Kemp is about 15,000 ballots ahead of runoff threshold, and about that many mail in ballots have left to be counted. Also citing significant irregularities at precincts


ABC15 Arizona


Now 98% of precincts are reporting:
McSally: 837,037 (49%)
Sinema: 822,406 (48%)
Green: 37,926 (2%)

Riggs: 824,575 (50%)
Hoffman: 818,666 (50%)#AZsen #AZvotes #ElectionDay #ElectionNight

ABC15 Arizona


Now 99% of precincts are reporting:
McSally: 844,652 (49%)
Sinema: 829,386 (48%)
Green: 38,297 (2%)

Riggs: 832,091 (50%)
Hoffman: 828,955 (50%) #AZSen #AZvotes #ElectionDay #ElectionNight #abc15

5:45 AM: MONTANA: Could Tester (D-MT) win re-election?

Nate Cohn


Tester has narrowed the gap down to .5 pts and we think there’s a lot of Democratic vote left

5:00 AM: CALIFORNIA, which will move to the front of the 2020 Dem. primary season, rejects gas tax repeal, passes measure to require all eggs sold in state to come from cage-free hens…



BREAKING: Californians vote to keep gas tax for road, highway repairs 

Gavin Newsom


Now is the time for going far and going together. For facts. For trust. For truth. Now is the time for leaders to lead.

This is California’s moment. Incredibly honored and privileged to serve as this great state’s next Governor.

Juliet Williams


LOS ANGELES (AP) — California voters have approved a measure requiring all eggs sold in the state to come from cage-free hens by 2022.

3:15 AM: NORTH CAROLINA, ALASKA: Republicans Mark Harris (R-NC) and Don Young (R-AK) win:

David Sentendrey


These final numbers out of Union County show such a wide margin between @MarkHarrisNC9 and @McCreadyForNC for the U.S. House of Representatives. Harris with 51,292 to McCready’s 33,680 votes. That’s a whole lot of votes when all of 2,000 separated the two in the end. @FOX46News


AP Politics


BREAKING: Republican Don Young wins re-election to U.S. House in Alaska’s 1st congressional district. #APracecall at 11:11 p.m. AKST. @AP election coverage:  #Election2018 #AKelection

U.S. Midterm Elections

Stories and visuals about the midterm elections from AP journalists around the U.S.

2:57 AM: ARIZONA SENATE– McSally (leading by 1.5 percentage points) vs. Sinema too close to call:

An official victor may not be known for days — and maybe longer, if the final tally were to trigger a recount or legal challenge, experts say. As Tuesday night ticked toward Wednesday morning, the lack of an outcome began to settle in.


Joel B. Pollak


California update:

CA-10: Denham (R) up by 0.8%
CA-21: Valadao (R) up by 12.0%
CA-25: Hill (D) up by 0.2%
CA-39: Kim (R) up by 8.6%
CA-45: Walters (R) up by 5.4%
CA-48: Rouda (D) up by 0.4%
CA-49: Levin (D) up by 4.8%

3 very close races. Democrats spent big.#ElectionNight

Brett Wilkison


If projections hold, Democrats now in control of House seats representing the entire California coast after flipping long-held GOP seats in Southern California.

2:30 AM: AP Calls Wisconsin Gov. for Evers over Scott Walker:

Ken Thomas


WASHINGTON (AP) _ Democrat Tony Evers elected Wisconsin governor, denying Republican Scott Walker a third term.

2:25 AM: CNN Calls Nevada Senate race for Dem. Jacky Rosen.

2:10 AM: Kemp still leading:

Jeff Cox


2:15 a.m. update: @WGXAnews reporting 99% precincts reporting in the Georgia Governor’s race between @BrianKempGA and @staceyabrams. Kemp maintains a slim lead with only 4 precincts not reporting. #WGXAVotes #GaPol #ElectionDay

1:55 AM: GEORGIA: Abrams, who has never had a lead all evening, refuses to concede:

Sarah Reese Jones


#StaceyAbrams vows to fight until every vote is counted in #Georgia.


1:40 AM: MONTANA: Rosendale takes the lead over Tester.

Breitbart’s SEAN MORAN: Matt Rosendale took the lead early Wednesday morning with 55 percent of the vote reporting, Rosendale has 48.9 percent vote, Tester has 48.2 percent

1:20 AM: Poll: Majority Don’t Want Trump Impeached. Nearly 80% of Democrats do, though…

Meet the Press


NBC News Exit Poll finds that majority of voters don’t think President Trump should be impeached. 

1:15 AM: NEVADA- Still waiting…


Patrick Walker


Washoe County is down to two polling places that still have voters waiting to cast their ballots. #8NN #NVElection


1:12 AM: EXCLUSIVE – Ron DeSantis Following Win: ‘The Sky Is the Limit’ for Florida

FLORIDA: DeSantis gives first interview to Breitbart’s Aaron Klein following victory.

Aaron Klein


EXCLUSIVE – Ron DeSantis Following Win: ‘The Sky Is the Limit’ for Florida 

EXCLUSIVE – Ron DeSantis Following Win: ‘The Sky Is the Limit’ for Florida | Breitbart

In his first interview after winning Florida’s gubernatorial election, Ron DeSantis told Breitbart News his victory marks a “good day for Florida.”

1:11 AM: CALIFORNIA: Nunes wins re-election.

AP Politics


BREAKING: Republican Devin Nunes wins re-election to U.S. House in California’s 22nd congressional district. #APracecall at 10:04 p.m. PST. @AP election coverage:  #Election2018 #CAelection

U.S. Midterm Elections

Stories and visuals about the midterm elections from AP journalists around the U.S.

1:10 AM: CALIFORNIA: Hunter projected to win re-election.

NBC News


JUST IN: Duncan Hunter (R), recently indicted for alleged misuse of campaign funds, wins California House 50, @NBCNews projects.

NBC News


JUST IN: Duncan Hunter (R), recently indicted for alleged misuse of campaign funds, wins California House 50, @NBCNews projects.

1:07 AM: IOWA 2020: Booker already eyeing Iowa:

Iowa Starting Line@IAStartingLine

I’m hearing that Cory Booker is making some calls tonight to Iowa legislative candidates and activists after the election


Doug Sovern


.@JerryBrownGov is declaring victory defeating #Prop6 while in LA, his successor @GavinNewsom is about to take the stage to accept his election as #CAGov#MIDTERMS2018

1:05 AM: TEXAS: Hurd wins re-election.

1:02 AM: ARIZONA: Kirkpatrick heads back to Congress:

Dave Wasserman


#AZ02: Ann Kirkpatrick (D) defeats Lea Marquez Peterson (R). Dem PICKUP. This district voted 49%-44% for Clinton in 2016.

1:00 AM: NEW YORK: Collins projected to win:

NBC News


JUST IN: Chris Collins (R), recently indicted on insider trading charges, wins New York House 27, @NBCNews projects.


Steve Contorno


BREAKING: Democrat Bill Nelson concedes Florida U.S. Senate race to Republican Rick Scott. A Trump ally flips a Senate seat in a critical political state. 

Rick Scott wins Florida U.S. Senate race, defeating three-term incumbent Bill Nelson

NAPLES – Rick Scott did it again.

12:55 AM: SOUTH DAKOTA: Noem wins!

AP Politics


BREAKING: Republican Kristi Noem wins election for governor in South Dakota. #APracecall at 11:50 p.m. CST. @AP election coverage:  #Election2018 #SDelection

U.S. Midterm Elections

Stories and visuals about the midterm elections from AP journalists around the U.S.

12:45 AM: MINNESOTA: Stauber wins.

AP Politics


BREAKING: Republican Pete Stauber wins election to U.S. House in Minnesota’s 8th congressional district. #APracecall at 11:38 p.m. CST. @AP election coverage:  #Election2018 #MNelection

U.S. Midterm Elections

Stories and visuals about the midterm elections from AP journalists around the U.S.

12:40 AM: Health care:

Johnny Verhovek


.@ABC News can project that voters in the deep red states of Idaho and Utah have approved Medicaid expansion

12:30 AM: WH Statement from Sarah Sanders: “Tonight, President Trump called Leader Mitch McConnell to congratulate him on the historic senate gains. He also spoke with Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The President called to congratulate Rick Scott, Mike DeWine, Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley, Brian Kemp, and Ron DeSantis. Lastly, the President talked to Sen. Chuck Schumer. He and the Vice President will continue to make calls tonight and tomorrow.”

12:17 AM: IOWA: Reynolds (R) wins gov. race:

Jon Thompson


FOX News: GOP Governor @KimReynoldsIA defeats Democrat Fred Hubbell, WINS a full term in IOWA! ✅

12:15 AM: Lame. The perfect candidate “soft” elite white Dems in the professional class who like being in the “weird” parts of red states. They see themselves in him:

Joe Perticone


“I’m so fucking proud of you guys” Beto says, which goes unbleeped on MSNBC lol

12:12 AM: Love trailing:

Brónagh Tumulty@BronaghTumulty

#MiaLove just spoke briefly with us but did not take questions. #KUTV2News #ElectionNight @KUTV2News

12:10 AM: IOWA: Steve King survives:

Alex Seitz-Wald


NBC News projects Rep. Steve King has won reelection. Looked close earlier in the night, but still very conservative district.

12:05 AM: Trump calls Pelosi:

Drew Hammill


President Trump called Leader Pelosi at 11:45 p.m. this evening to extend his congratulations on winning a Democratic House Majority. He acknowledged the Leader’s call for bipartisanship in her victory remarks.


Aaron Klein


DeSantis did his 1st interview after winning with me at Breitbart. Here is part of it:

11:35 PM: Pelosi takes the stage at the DCCC party and the crowd chants “Speaker!” Pelosi recognizes the Dem. leadership. Pelosi says Democrats “owned the ground” and “tomorrow will be a new day in America.”

“Remember this feeling. Know the power to win,” Pelosi talks about how Democrats will protect health care and awkwardly says, “let’s hear it more for preexisting medical conditions.” She claims Democrats will “strive for bipartisanship” and talks about a “bipartisan marketplace of ideas” that will “bring us together.” Her left-wing base may not agree.

Dennis Romero@dennisjromero

‘Let’s hear it … for preexisting medical conditions,’ Pelosi says, raising her fist. Not as snappy as jobs/mobs or stopping the invasion.




AP Politics


BREAKING: Republican Scott Perry wins re-election to U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district. #APracecall at 11:27 p.m. EST. @AP election coverage:  #Election2018 #PAelection

U.S. Midterm Elections

Stories and visuals about the midterm elections from AP journalists around the U.S.

11:25 PM: Pelosi, Dems getting ready to celebrate:

Frank Thorp V


Expect Pelosi and Dems to take the stage at this DCCC watch party in 15 minutes. It’s a party-like atmosphere in here right now.

11:15 PM: TRUMP:

Donald J. Trump


Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!

11:10 PM: MIZZOURI: Hawley projected to defeat McCaskill (D-MO).

Josh Kraushaar


FOX News calling #MOSEN race for JOSH HAWLEY. Huge win for McConnell. Guarantees at least a two seat Senate R pickup.

11:02 PM: VIRGINIA: Spanberger defeats Brat:

Dave Wasserman


#VA07: Abigail Spanberger (D) defeats Rep. Dave Brat (R). Dem PICKUP. This district voted for Trump 50%-44% in 2016.

11:01 PM: IOWA:

Alex Moe


NBC NEWS projects IA-01 has flipped from red to blue – Abby Finkenauer defeated Rep Rod Blum. Still waiting on IA-3 call.

11:00 PM: Polls closed in California, Hawaii, Washington.

10:59 PM: CNN Projects Democrats will win back the House “with a very high degree of confidence.”

10:53 PM: OHIO: DeWine (R) projected to win. Huge for 2020.

NBC Politics


JUST IN: @NBCNews projects Mike DeWine (R) wins Ohio Governor.

10:50 PM: IOWA: Axne (D) projected to win House race.

Iowa Starting Line@IAStartingLine

WHO-TV is projecting a Cindy Axne win. Major House pick-up for Democrats here in #IA03. David Young loses

10:48 PM: IOWA UPDATE (Steve King) from BINDER:

With 6% reporting, Democrat JD Scholten is leading Republican Steve King in Iowa’s 4th District by 4 percentage points. King will need his base of support and the rural areas of the district to come out tonight.

10:46 PM: MONTANA:

Jamie Dupree


Two other Republicans trail in Illinois – Rep Rodney Davis down 52-48 with 65% in, and Rep Randy Hultgren down 51-49 with 76% in. Big races.

Jamie Dupree


In Montana, not only is Sen Jon Tester D-MT winning by 18%, but Rep Greg Gianforte R-MT (the body slammer) is losing 54-44% with 11% reporting

10:45 PM: IOWA update from BINDER:

With 5% reporting, Democrat Abby Finkenauer is beating Republican Rod Blum in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District by 21 percentage points.

10:40 PM: FLORIDA: DeSantis projected to win:

FOX 13 Tampa Bay


DESANTIS WINS: FOX 13 is calling the governor’s race for Ron DeSantis.



Aaron Klein


Crowds hyped at @RonDeSantisFL campaign watch party here in Orlando

Lawrence Mower


.@AndrewGillum‘s chief of staff lost the race to become Tallahassee’s next mayor.

Tallahassee Democrat


A hard-fought race to replace Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is over. 



CBS News


HOUSE RACE WATCH: Elaine Luria (D) defeats incumbent Scott Taylor (R) in VA-2. That’s a pickup for the Democrats. #ElectionNight #Midterms2018

10:26 PM: Bad night for Never Trumpers.

Joel B. Pollak


.@jaketapper just noted that Republicans who’ve lost seats are critics of Trump. There’s a “chicken-and-egg” problem here — they may be more critical because their seats were already more vulnerable — but it’s worth noting that running away from Trump did not seem to help much.

10:25 PM: UTAH:

Mark Murray


Worth watching: Ben McAdams (D) is up 8pts over Mia Love (R) with 58% of the vote in in UT-4

10:23 PM: TEXAS: Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) loses:

Adam Kelsey


In Texas, ABC News can project that Democrat Colin Allred will defeat Rep. Pete Sessions in #TX32. A competitive race, but still something of an upset there.

10:19 PM: UTAH: Mitt (R-Never Trump) Headed to Senate:

10:15 PM: TEXAS: Cruz projected to defeat Beto (D-Hollywood). Cruz win like a team favored to win by two+ touchdowns barely winning by a field goal. Great teams cover.

ABC News


BREAKING: Republican incumbent Ted Cruz will win Texas’ U.S. Senate race, defeating Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke, @ABC projects based on vote analysis.  #ElectionNight

10:05 PM: NORTH DAKOTA: Cramer projected to defeat Sen. Heitkamp (D-ND).

Bret Baier


Fox can now project that Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer will unseat one-term Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, scoring a crucial Senate pickup for the GOP.

10:03 PM: KANSAS: Kelly (D) defeats Kobach:



#KSGOV: Laura Kelly (D) defeats Kris Kobach (R). Democrat flip. Kansas voted 58%-36% for Trump in 2016.

10:01 PM: The Democratic-Socialist from Westchester is headed to Congress:

CNN Breaking News


HISTORIC FIRST: New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the youngest woman elected to Congress, CNN projects  #CNNElection

10 PM: Polls closed in Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.

9:59 PM: FLORIDA: Curbelo (R) loses.

WSVN 7 News


#BREAKING: Rep. Carlos Curbelo concedes to Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell for US House seat in District 26


Chad Pergram


Dem IN Sen Donnelly: I called Mike Braun and congratulated him on winning a hard-fought race. I’d like to thank every single American who believed in this campaign and worked to make it successful, and every Hoosier whom I have come across over the last six years

9:39 PM: FOX NEWS PROJECTS DEMS WILL TAKE HOUSE before polls close in Western states?

Joel B. Pollak


This is interesting. ⁦@FoxNews⁩ calls the House while California is still voting for 90 min. They could be right, but if Republicans continue to turn out in the Golden State, things could shift. The network will face a lot of questions after tonight and this is one of them.

Bret Baier


The Fox News Decision Desk can now project that Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years, dealing a major setback to President Trump’s legislative agenda

9:37 PM: NEW JERSEY: AP calls race for Menendez (D).

Sabrina Franza


AP: Dem. Sen. Bob Menendez, wins re-election in New Jersey, against Republican Bob Hugin. #Midterms2018

9:36 PM: WISCONSIN: Baldwin (D) wins re-election, defeats establishment GOP candidate Vukmir:

9:35 PM: Breitbart’s Binder on VIRGINA–BRAT v. SPANBERGER:

As 95% is now in for Virginia’s 7th District, Dave Brat is trailing Democrat Spanberger by less than 300 votes.

9:33 PM: “Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order, and common sense.”

Frank Thorp V


On @NBCNews special coverage of #2018, @LindseyGrahamSC says “The Kavanaugh-effect is real…I think the caravan was a nightmare for Trump-state democrats”


(((Harry Enten)))


Modeling suggests right now that Kemp in GA will end up with more votes and avoid a runoff, but it is within the margin of error.

9:29: TEXAS: Beto vs. Ted

Michael Del Moro


ummmm…. Texas Senate with 58% in:

Beto O’Rourke 49.7%
Ted Cruz 49.7%

9:27 PM: More signs that the Blue Tsunami ain’t happening:

Ryan James Girdusky@RyanGirdusky

11% in and John James is up in Michigan by 20k votes. This should not be happening #Michigan #ElectionDay


Ryan James Girdusky@RyanGirdusky

With 25% in, MacArthur is up in #NJ03 by 25!!! points. This was suppose to be a Dem pickup #ElectionDay

9:25 PM: Pobrecita! CNN’s Van Jones heartbroken. He thought “antibodies” would kick in against the “infestation” of hatred… Elite media members look very sad yet again. They still haven’t figured out how much regular people hate their smugness.

Ann Coulter


Van Jones on CNN: This is heartbreaking. (NO BLUE WAVE.)



Scott Fallon


Among the supporters tonight ⁦@SenatorMenendez⁩’s HQ is Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby, a juror on his federal corruption trial. She achieved some fame when she left the jury last year during deliberations to go on vacation. She would’ve voted for acquittal. ⁦@northjersey

9:08 PM: TENNESSEE: Taylor Swift doesn’t move the needle. MARSHA BLACKBURN (R) projected to win Senate seat.

Kasie Hunt


NBC News projects Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., defeats former Gov. Phil Bredesen, D, in #TNSEN

Brittany Weiner@BrittanyNBC

State Senator Jack Johnson performing for the crowd at Marsha Blackburn’s election party in #Franklin.

9:07 PM: TEXAS: Race easily called for Abbott:

James Keith


BREAKING: AP: Republican Greg Abbott wins re-election for governor in Texas. #kens5eyewitness

Greg Abbott


We are setting up for a Texas-Size victory party tonight at Brazos Hall in downtown Austin. Join us at 7:00 for a celebration.

9:06 PM: WEST VIRGINIA: MANCHIN wins re-election with help from Coach Nick Saban, Coach Bob Huggins, and The Logo:

Mike Memoli


NBC News: Joe Manchin re-elected in WV-SEN


Matt Fuller


The Dave Brat-Abigail Spanberger race is still very tight.

Chesterfield, where she should pick up a few thousand votes, still hasn’t completely reported.


Public Citizen


BREAKING: Florida just passed Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to 1.4 million people with a past felony conviction. Not only does this repeal one of the country’s worst Jim Crow laws, it’s also the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act.


Richard Baris@Peoples_Pundit

John James is down in early Wayne County only 54 to 40.

9:00 PM: Polls now closed in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

8:50 PM: VIRGINIA: BRAT v. SPANBERGER update from Breitbart’s Binder:

With only 6% percent of the vote still out in Virginia’s 7th District, GOP Dave Brat is behind Democrat Abigail Spanberger by 533 votes.


ABC News


JUST IN: Republican Mike Braun will win the U.S. Senate race in Indiana, @ABC projects based on vote analysis.  #ElectionNight

8:47 PM: KENTUCKY: Barr (R-KY) projected to win re-election.

Carrie Dann


NBC News projects Andy Barr reelected in KY-6 over Democratic challenger Amy McGrath.

8:41 PM: Breitbart’s John Binder on KANSAS:

With 1% reporting in Kansas gubernatorial race, Democrat Laura Kelly leads Republican Kris Kobach by only 774 votes. Kobach needs Sedgwick County to come out strong for him to make up for Kelly’s stronghold’s in the Kansas City metro region.



Kris #Kobach arrives at watch party at Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka, greets supporters. #ksleg

8:30 PM: Good news for GOP:

Political Polls@PpollingNumbers

98% that GOP wins the SENATE
70% that GOP wins the HOUSE

Rick Klein


Dems “are still slight favorites” to take the House, @NateSilver538 says, but early races are not breaking their way in big numbers

Gabe Hoffman@GabeHoff

James Carville on MSNBC RN: “this will not be a wave election” – Florida not going as well as he hoped

8:26 PM: VIRGINIA: Brat vs. Spanberger:

Brat leads by 2,500 votes with 80% of the votes in…

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Meghin Moore@meghin_

As I’m looking at some of the results coming in, I honed in on the Chancellor Precinct in Spotsylvania County where I’ve voted. In 2016, Dave Brat won that precinct. Now? Spanberger won, to my surprise. (Spotsy is still very red for #VA07 it looks like though)


Marc Caputo


There were probably 8 million votes cast in Florida’s 2018 election. With 7 million votes in,
DeSantis leads Gillum by 28,754
Scott leads Nelson by 11,334

At this rate, it’s looking strongly Republican

8:15 PM: VIRGINIA: GOP Holds on to House Seat; Olivia Wilde’s Dem. Mom Loses:

Dave Wasserman


#VA05: Denver Riggleman (R) defeats Leslie Cockburn (D). GOP hold. This district voted 53%-42% for Trump in 2016.

8:13 PM: FLORIDA: GOP holds on to House seat:

NPR Politics


NEW: Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart is projected to win re-election in Florida’s 25th Congressional District. 


8:10 PM: FLORIDA: Scott, DeSantis take leads as votes from the Florida panhandle come in…

8:09 PM: TEXAS: Beto has a very, very, very  early lead over Cruz.

CBS News


JUST IN: CBS News exit polling shows the majority of women and voters under 30 are voting for Beto O’Rourke. However, more men are voting for Ted Cruz. @adrianasdiaz#ElectionNight #Midterms2018 

Harry Horton


Big cheers at Beto O’Rourke results party as (very) early results show him with a big lead against Ted Cruz. Long way to go.

8:05 PM: ILLINOIS: Race called for Pritzker in gov. race.

Brooke Singman


#BREAKING: Democratic billionaire @JBPritzker is projected to win the Illinois governor race against @BruceRauner , according to Fox News’ Decision Desk

8:03 PM: FLORIDA: Shalala projected to win FL House seat.

Mike Memoli


NBC News: Donna Shalala is the winner in FL-27. Dem pickup

8:00 PM: Polls closed in Connecticut, Delaware, the rest of Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas.


Anne Marie Tiernon


“Mike Braun is clobbering Joe @SenDonnelly right now” says GOP Steve Shine from Fort Wayne. Adding Pres. Trump’s visit yesterday “was the icing on the cake” it was one of the “largest crowds ever” at the Memorial Coliseum#Decision2018

7:55 PM: OHIO SENATE: NBC Calls for Sen. Sherrod Brown (R-OH):

Allan Smith


NBC News projects that Sherrod Brown is re-elected

7:50 PM: VIRGINIA: Spanberger (D) vs. Brat (R-VA) going down to the wire:

Scott Bland


BARNBURNER in #VA07: 36% of precincts in, Brat (R) leads Spanberger (D) by 0.5 points — but Trump beat Clinton by 7 in same slice of district in 2016 while winning #VA07 by 6.5. VERY close so far

7:45 PM: VIRGINIA:  Wexton (D) projected to win in Northern Virginia:



Just In: Democrat Jennifer Wexton defeats incumbent GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock in a Va. race that could help determine the balance of power in the US House, @NBCNews projects.  #ElectionDay

Kasie Hunt


NBC News projects Democrats pick up VA-10, Comstock loses to Wexton

Matt Fuller


Looking like Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) is on track to lose by double digits, which is…exactly what we expected all along, despite the NRCC inexplicably spending $5 million there.

Gotta be one of the NRCC’s most questionable decisions of the cycle.

7:40 PM: West Virginia, Ohio Senate races leaning Dem:

CBS News


JUST IN: The West Virginia Senate race between Joe Manchin (D) and Patrick Morrisey (R) leans Democrat #midterms2018 #ElectionDay 

CBS News


JUST IN: The Ohio Senate race between Sherrod Brown (D) and Jim Renacci (R) leans Democrat #Midterms2018 #ElectionNight 

7:30 PM: Polls now closed in North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia.


Johnny Verhovek


Greg Pence, the older brother of Vice President Pence, has been elected to Indiana’s 6th Congressional District, @ABC has projected

7:20 PM: Gillum and Nelson have slights leads in Florida.

7:15 PM: KANSAS:

Mitch Smith


The hotel ballroom is set for Kris Kobach’s Election Night party in Topeka. Patriotic decorations, Kansas-shaped chocolates and a giant TV tuned to Fox await his supporters.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Mitch Smith


Kris Kobach, who oversees Kansas elections as secretary of state, said early voting appears to have set records for a midterm. He also said there was high turnout today in conservative and liberal counties. Both sides expect a close race. Polls close in most of KS in 127 minutes.

View image on Twitter

7:03 PM: Scott jumps out to early lead as first numbers come in:

Russell Colburn


.@FLGovScott’s party starting to fill up. I see lots of red & some ‘MAGA’ hats. @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews

7 PM: Polls now closed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia.

Richard Madan


What a mess. Security evacuating @AndrewGillum sagging press tent because of the torrential downpour. Cables and electrical wires are on soaking wet grass. #ElectionDay #Florida #TheBadPlace

Stacey Abrams


Governor candidate, GA

BREAKING: Poll hours have been extended in Gwinnett County! 🚨

Annistown Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 9:25pm
Anderson-Livsey Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 7:30pm
Harbins Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 7:14pm

Dems asking voters to stay in line:

Hillary Clinton


Remember, Georgia: If you’re in line when the polls close at 7pm, you can still cast a ballot—so stay in line and vote! While the GOP has been trying to make this election about anything but the future you want for your families, you are on the verge of making history.

NO Surprises in VT, VA Senate races: Races called for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) right after polls close.

Michael Del Moro


NBC News calls VA-Sen for Tim Kaine, VT-Sen for Bernie Sanders.

Indiana Senate too close to call at this hour.


Daniel Desrochers@drdesrochers

Here’s a little spreadsheet I’ve been using as I’ve covered the McGrath/Barr race in Kentucky’s 6th. It shows how big Barr won each county in 2016 and the number of registered voters.

Ryan James Girdusky@RyanGirdusky

KY06, Barr winning every area so far except Franklin

6:47 PM: INDIANA: Braun doing well:

Ryan Matsumoto@ryanmatsumoto1

Context for some early county results in #INSEN:

Miami County – Braun +39 (Mourdock +12 in 2012, Romney +31, Trump +54)
Lawrence County – Braun +34 (Mourdock + 13 in 2012, Romney +33, Trump +51)
Bartholomew County – Braun +9 (Mourdock +8, Romney +25, Trump +33)

6:45 PM: FLORIDA, TENNESSEE: Huge turnout:

Skip Foster


BREAKING: Leon County with 65.5 percent turnout — highest mid-term turnout in 24 years.

Chris Conte


JUST IN: According to the Davidson County Election Commission voter turnout in Nashville has surpassed Election Day turnout from 2016 #GoVoteTN #Election2018 #TNSen

6:35 PM: KENTUCKY: AP calls race for Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY):

AP Politics


BREAKING: Republican Hal Rogers wins re-election to U.S. House in Kentucky’s 5th congressional district. #APracecall at 6:32 p.m. EST. @AP election coverage:  #Election2018 #KYelection

U.S. Midterm Elections

Stories and visuals about the midterm elections from AP journalists around the U.S.

6:20 PM: INDIANA SENATE: 52% of Hoosiers approve of Trump, according to CNN’s exit polling.



Breaking: With just 34 of 5,375 precincts reporting, @ap reports:

Braun: 13,389 votes
Donnelly: 6,895 votes

Jamie Dupree


And the first votes are coming in from Kentucky as well. Long way to go.

View image on Twitter

Jamie Dupree


All of the counties reporting so far in Indiana are rural, more Republican counties. They have staked Braun to a healthy lead over Donnelly.

Brian Conybeare@conybearetv

Locked in an extremely tight race with Republican Mike Braun U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly(D) makes brief remarks at the Hyatt Regency in Indy this evening. Asked about the high voter turnout here’s his response:

6:12 PM: TEXAS: Harris County polling places ordered to remain open late:

Texas Tribune


BREAKING: A state district judge has ordered Harris County to extend voting hours at nine polling locations that failed to open on time this morning. #Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege 

Election Day in Texas starts with delays and technical difficulties…

Texans looking to cast their ballots on Election Day were met by a series of delays and technical difficulties that resulted in long lines, and in some cases kept voters from casting their ballots.

6:11 PM: GUAM

Michael Li


In the first call of 2018, Guam elects its first woman governor – a D pickup. #Midterms2018 

Guam elects first female Governor – Lou Leon Guerrero

6:10 PM:

Brian McGill


Here are the #ElectionDay poll closes for tonight, starting with Indiana and Kentucky at 6pm. I see you Cass County, N.D.

Glen Bolger@posglen

Polls have closed in Indiana and Kentucky. Results are being reported. Fox News has a countdown till 7pm when they say the “First Polls Close” — c’mon man, do better.

6:09 PM: Breitbart’s Sean Moran: Braun (R) and Barr (R-KY) have early leads in Indiana and Kentucky, respectively:

Mike Braun early lead with 2,750 votes, Joe Donnelly 1,801, and Libertarian Lucy Brenton 244.
Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY) has an early lead with first polls in Kentucky with 304 votes, while Amy McGrath has 207 votes.


6:08 PM: The media and establishment Republicans have done everything they could to downplay the obvious in past elections. Immigration matters to Americans:

Meet the Press


LATEST: @NBCNews exit polls show immigration was the most important issue among 41% of Republican voters.

6:05 PM: Exit polling from ABC:

Party ID: Democrats account for 38 percent of voters in exit poll results so far, Republicans for 32 percent and independents for 30 percent. That compares with 36-37-27 percent in 2014, and 37-33-29 percent in 2016.

Ideology: Liberal-moderate-conservative group sizes in results so far are 27-38-36 percent. That compares with 22-39-38 percent in the 2014 midterms. (And 26-38-36 percent in 2016.)

Sex: Women account for 52 percent of voters in preliminary results, matching their previous high in a midterm from 2010.

Race: Nonwhites account for 28 percent of voters nationally in preliminary results. The highest in any previous midterm was 25 percent in 2014. These compare with a low of 9 percent in 1990.

Heidi Przybyla


More Early @NBC Exit Poll results: One In Four Hispanics Say They Cast a Midterm Ballot for the First Time in 2018. 1 in 5 for African Americans. 1 in 10 for whites.

6:02 PM: According to CNN’s exit polls, 16% are first-time voters and 65% made up their minds about House races more than a month ago.

6 PM: Polls are closed in some parts of Indiana and Kentucky. The first close race of the night will be between Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY) and Democrat Amy McGrath in Kentucky’s 6th District.

Gabriel Debenedetti


KY-6 isn’t really a bellwether, but one reason Republicans have been watching it closely is that many have quietly assumed Amy McGrath, the Democrat, could challenge Mitch McConnell for his Senate seat in 2020 if she wins.

Greg Giroux


Election history of Kentucky’s 6th District, where Rep. Andy Barr (R) faces Amy McGrath (D). #ky06 is a 55-39% Trump district. #kypol

Kelsi Thorud@KelsiThorud

We’re inside the Marriott in Lexington. The signs are up and lights ready for Rep. Andy Barr’s election night party. The party starts here at 6 p.m. sharp. #ElectionDay #KY06 #BarrElectionParty



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