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Bremen police have released the CCTV footage of the brutal attack on Alternative for German (AfD) MP Frank Magnitz, with some claiming the footage shows the attackers using some sort of weapon.

The attack on Mr Magnitz, which caused widespread condemnation across the German political spectrum, was caught on CCTV camera footage and shows a group of three men appearing to be wearing masks attack Magnitz from behind before one of the men attacked him.

When slowed down the film appears to show the attacker elbow Magnitz in the back of the head with his right arm and then, as Magnitz is falling to the ground, seemingly use his left arm to attack Magnitz again, with what some have speculated could have been some sort of weapon.

The attacker, along with one of his accomplices, then flee the scene, appearing to possibly pass something from his left hand into the hands of the other suspect. The third man in the group then runs past Magnitz seconds later.

German Populist Politician Hospitalised in Attempted ‘Assassination’

 Frank Magnitz, a member of parliament for the populist AfD in Germany, was brutally attacked in an alleged assassination attempt.

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None of the attackers makes any attempt in the video to reach into the MP’s pockets, seeming to contradict some claims that the assault may have been an attempted robbery.

An AfD spokesman told Breitbart London, “The CCTV footage released by Bremen Police seems to support Magnitz’s story, showing the cowardly attacker hitting the elected representative over the head with an object in his left hand, and then hurriedly passing the object to an accomplice.”

The spokesman also clarified that the construction worker who had rescued Magnitz had told him that he had been attacked with a 2×4 and slammed the German mainstream media saying they had led an “unprecedented attack on the AfD and the assault victim for allegedly lying about the attack.”

Alleged Antifa Confession to Attack on German Populist MP Emerges Online

Following the brutal attack on AfD MP Frank Magnitz, a far-left extremist Antifa group have allegedly taken credit for the attack online.

In the post, the Antifa group say they attacked Magnitz in order to “muzzle” him due to his “far-right” and “Nazi” views. Bremen police said they are currently investigating the authenticity of the post.



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