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Mexico announced on Thursday they are deploying 6,000 troops to their southern border with Guatemala in an attempt to stem the tide of illegal immigration. This is Mexico’s latest attempt to ward off new tariffs from Washington.

This comes after President Trump announced the tariffs on Mexico will start on June 10th.

President Trump was forced to put pressure on Mexico after Democrats and several Republicans refuse to protect the US border.

Trump gets results.

Arthur Schwartz


They’re finally doing something. What changed?

“Faced with Trump’s threat to impose escalating tariffs on Mexican goods . . . Mexican officials have pledged to deploy up to 6,000 . . . troops to the country’s border region with Guatemala.”

Mexico aims to avoid tariffs with potential deal limiting migrants going north, allowing U.S. to…

The accord is not final, and President Trump might not accept it, but the deal would overhaul asylum rules and send thousands of Mexican national guard troops to the border with Guatemala.

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Jim Hoft


Last week @RealDonaldTrump asked if Mexico is controlled by drug dealers and cartels? Looks like the answer is clear @LouDobbs



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