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With the press idealizing every illegal immigrant, and sanctuary cities making sanctuary for illegals a higher priority than even the welfare of their own citizens, it hasn’t taken long for Central American drug dealers to move in and have a field day. Want to know why San Francisco is such a filth-strewn place? Look no further than its imported drug problem, which seems to be especially beneficial to foreign drug dealers.

Here’s one report about Honduran drug dealers benefiting immensely from San Francisco’s sanctuary city politics:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The first step in a sweeping crackdown on crime ranging from drugs to sex trafficking in a notorious San Francisco neighborhood yielded 32 arrests of mostly Honduran nationals tied to two international operations that poured heroin and cocaine into the community, U.S. prosecutors announced Wednesday.

It’s not uncommon to see people shooting up or snorting powder in the Tenderloin neighborhood, which contains City Hall, several federal buildings, a large population of homeless and is just minutes from tourist-heavy Union Square. The neighborhood has long been a public safety problem in a city famous for its permissiveness, and leaders are divided on how to address the drug epidemic.

But in his first news conference since being appointed by President Donald Trump in January, U.S. Attorney David Anderson said he could no longer stand by as tourists, government workers and residents wade through a daily slog of crime. He said an enforcement initiative by more than 15 federal agencies would not affect “innocent” homeless people or drug users but would tackle high-level drug dealing, fraud, identity theft and firearms.


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