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Clinton and Obama economist and the former President of Harvard, took numerous flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet. He even flew on Epstein’s jet to Epstein’s infamous ‘Orgy Island’ ten days after his marriage in 2005. Another elite creep.

Today it was reported that Larry Summers, the former President of Harvard, and the former economist for both Presidents Clinton and Obama, reportedly believes that the economy is at its worst position in a decade. Bloomberg reported –

The U.S. and world economies are at their riskiest moment since the global financial crisis a decade ago as trade tensions continue to grow, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said on Sunday.

Summers spoke on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” about what he called a “sadomasochistic and foolish trade conflict” the U.S. has engaged with China under President Donald Trump.

According to this imbecile who let China run away with US jobs, the US should not be attempting a trade deal with China. Summers also believes that the current economy, with unemployment at 50 year lows, a GDP twice that of Obama’s, stock markets at all time highs and more people working than every before in history, is somehow worse than Obama’s economy in 2009 with 10% unemployment, a declining GDP, stock market decade lows and food stamps at all time highs.

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