Within a matter of months, almost half of the judges on the powerful 11th circuit court of appeals will have been appointed by President Trump. On Thursday, Judge Stanley Marcus, a Clinton appointee, announced he will take senior status on the federal appeals court in Atlanta. Marcus’s decision, first reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, comes one month after another jurist on the same court, Judge Gerald Tjoflat, announced he would become a senior judge with a reduced case load.

The 11th Circuit covers Alabama, Georgia and Florida, and because of the significant numbers of African Americans in all three states, the circuit sees a lot of civil rights cases. A high number of death penalty cases, voting rights cases, and Title IX sexual harassment cases come through the court as well. Lilly Ledbetter’s pay discrimination suit was brought in that circuit, as was Martha Sandoval’s famous lawsuit alleging discrimination on the basis of national origin.

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