Semantic infiltration within the political realm is typically defined, in its various forms, as unknowingly adopting the terms used by an opponent in such a way as to undermines one’s own argument.

With the help of their cronies in the mainstream media, leftists are exceptionally good at semantic infiltration. Take, for example, the words “illegal alien.” The term is simple enough. When a citizen from a foreign country enters a country not of his origin, he is alien to that newly entered country because, by birth, he is not a citizen of it. When the individual has entered the new country in violation of that country’s immigration laws, he can be properly termed an “illegal alien.”

Throughout the late 1990s, in order to shift the emphasis away from the very real fact that Mexican nationals crossing the border into the United States were doing so illegally, the Left coined the disingenuous term “undocumented immigrants.” The mainstream media, clearly understanding Nazi Germany’s propaganda techniques used to influence public perception, began repeating the term “undocumented immigrant” relentlessly.

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