The Garbage Party and their Marxist media hyenas are continuing to beat the drum of impeachment and are doing everything they can to make it look like a “bipartisan effort.”

But like the charges against the president — “Ukrainegate” was a quid pro quo aimed at getting Kiev to provide him with “political dirt” on Joe and Hunter Biden — the push to impeach is built on a steaming tower of BS.

And the problem is, for them anyway — they know the allegations are crap.

The Democrats and their seditious RINO enablers like that loser Mitt Romney (Utah — what are you doing to recall this guy?) are putting on a great dog-and-pony show with the public, trying to convince us that President Trump is unworthy of his office, corrupt, authoritarian, and on the brink of turning our republic into a nightmarish autocratic hell on earth.

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