Was President Donald Trump’s short term campaign foreign policy volunteer Carter Page set up by an FBI informant or the informant’s handler at the FBI?

On the The Sara Carter Show, Page discussed the recent revelations in Department of Justice’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and his interview in The Federalist where questions surfaced regarding his first meeting with Stefan Halper, one of the FBI’s spies in the Trump campaign.

Questions Linger

Questions still loom regarding Halper’s and his FBI handler. It appears that Horowitz’s report raises more answers than questions, said Page, who was not given the opportunity to review the report or discuss his circumstances with Horowitz. Page, who was an officer in the Navy and graduate from Annapolis Naval Academy, assisted intelligence and law enforcement, said all he ever wanted to was “to help his country.”

Unfortunately, Page became the target of some of very corrupted officials within the agencies he had assisted in the past. They did this to target President Donald Trump.

Based on information Page revealed to both The Federalist and The Sara Carter Show it appears that either Halper, or his FBI handler, didn’t tell the truth to Horowitz’s investigators about the circumstances surrounding Halper’s first meeting with Page.

Page told this reporter that the origination of his meeting with Halper must be investigated by Attorney General William Barr’s appointed prosecutor John Durham. Page would not tell this reporter whether or not he’s already been interviewed by Durham but said he has always stressed that he would “cooperate fully” with any investigation.

“The FBI and CIA definitely made some very serious very egregious mistakes, but, you know one of the primary drivers of this was the Democratic National Committee and their operatives,”


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