GRAND FORKS — Megan Anderson says she didn’t even know she’d applied for North Dakota elk and moose licenses until she got a notice last spring that she’d been drawn for both of the once-in-a-lifetime tags.

Her husband, Cody, had filled out the online application form on his wife’s behalf.

“My husband actually applied for me behind my back, so I didn’t even know he was doing this,” Anderson, of Grand Forks, said. “And I don’t think he realized I was going to get both.”

The surprises didn’t stop there. Shortly after learning she’d been drawn for cow elk and cow moose tags, Anderson found out she was pregnant.

“I think when I found out I was pregnant, I was instantly, like ‘When is the season?’ and then ‘OK, I’m going to be 28 weeks pregnant,’ ” she said. “So we were just thinking ‘Oh well, we’ll just have to see how it goes.’

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