Imagine an incumbent Democrat President at a time when America is in a national security crisis with Russia, and that the Republicans were goading Russia to attack American troops, and making every excuse to enhance Russia’s propaganda advantage. The Democrats would rightly be saying that “The Republicans are colluding with Russia, and putting American soldiers at risk.”

But now, America is in a national security crisis situation with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. And, what are the Democrats doing? They are goading the Iranians into attacking American troops so that the Democrats can gain a “Trump has blown up the world” talking point. In effect, the Democrats are actively colluding with terror-state Iran. Instead of minimizing the military risk to our deployed soldiers, the Democrats are wantonly maximizing the military risk to our soldiers. The Democrats are putting their attempt to gain a political advantage on Trump over the security of our soldiers.

Let us compare Russia and Iran as security threats to the United States. How many American soldiers has Russia murdered in the last 30 years? None, not a single American soldier.

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