During a recent House Judiciary Hearing on FBI Oversight, FBI Director Christopher Wray, in his first Congressional appearance since the release of the Horowitz Report in December, proved himself to be just a slick dodgeball coverup artist seeking to avoid getting to the root of the corruption in his agency in the wake of revelations of the biggest scandals in its history. Wray’s standard answers sound like pre-programmed ways to avoid addressing the corruption answers as you can see in his standard replies of “I find it unacceptable,” or “I refer to the IG report,” or “I can’t comment on a personnel matter.”

President Trump has finally cleaned out the NSC in his White House of the Democrat holdevers from the Obama Administration who were actively seeking to undermine him. It should also be time for the FBI to be cleaned up, a task that do-nothing Wray is very obviously avoiding other than with laughably shallow cosmetic changes. To finally root out the corruption at the high levels of the FBI and to prevent it in the future, Wray needs to be fired… NOW!




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