The social justice set has been shrieking about “lives being at risk” for almost a decade. But now that we’re faced with actual devastation to the human way of life, it becomes clear that it was always only rhetoric. Social justice is the culture that cried wolf.

Now that lives are truly at risk as a result of a global pandemic, quick action is being implemented in North America to protect our most vulnerable. Instead of supporting these common sense, ideally temporary changes, required to get through this unprecedented time, the church of social justice is actually jealous of coronavirus. It turns out that no one was ever going to die from being misgendered or experiencing a microaggression. Imagine that.

Now, think pieces abound as to how the coronavirus is misogynist, because more women are at home and stuck doing the domestic labour, or transphobic, since trans affirming surgeries have been postponed or outright cancelled. And now the story is that it took the coronavirus pandemic to show us how quickly we could change—if only we really wanted to.

In the Toronto Star, Gender and Race columnist Shree Paradkar writes: “So! This is what radical change looks and feels like … How swiftly the machinery can move when it cares about the lives at risk.”

Correction, Ms. Paradkar, this is how fast the machinery can move when there are actual lives at risk. There’s a huge difference between a minority portion of the population predicting gloom and the end times— whether it be religious doomsday cults or Extinction Rebellion—and a global pandemic that crashes across borders.



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