Americans who have had their livelihoods taken away from them without notice as a result of the Chinese virus COVID-19 are hurting and desperately looking to the U.S. government to deliver much needed relief.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin joined with President Trump last week at a press briefing and assured Americans that checks will be coming in a matter of days, and the Senate worked through the weekend on a spending measure. With a bipartisan deal within reach, House Speaker Nanacy Pelosi threw a hand grenade into the mix.

So egregious was her actions that the hashtag #PelosiChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke was soon trending online.

A massive $1.6 trillion emergency funding bill providing critically needed assistance to American families and the economy was blown up Sunday when the California Democrat said she would not support the measure and would offer her own spending bill in due time.

The fact that Pelosi would brazenly delay a much needed stimulus effort without paying a dear price politically can only be explained by her media enablers, who can be counted on to run cover for her obstruction.



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