The Bureau of Prisons failed to adequately monitor thousands of communications from more than 500 inmates with ties to terrorism, according to a Justice Department inspector general report released Wednesday.

In the nearly 70-page report, Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz wrote that the Bureau of Prisons did not take appropriate steps to review the mail, email, phone calls, video sessions and cellblock conversations of domestic and international terrorist inmates.

For example, the bureau failed to flag a letter that a high-risk inmate received from his wife detailing her intent to compromise a staff member at his prison.

The BOP also missed a threatening letter sent to a television talk show host from an inmate pledging allegiance to the Islamic State and threatening violence.

Investigators searched inmates’ emails for 32 terms that might indicate a threat. That search turned up more than 7,000 emails, according to the report.

However, a random sampling of 100 emails turned up only eight communications that the inspector general thought warranted further review.

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