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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany verbally body-slammed Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice by spotlighting the web of lies she got caught in — through her own damning email to herself.

McEnany pointed out that in an April 2017 interview with PBS (see video below), Rice claimed she knew nothing about the Obama FBI’s illegal surveillance of Trump campaign officials.

Rice’s denial directly contradicted a bizarre CYA (cover your *ss) email she had sent herself three months earlier — on Jan. 20, 2017 — the day that President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

In that self-incriminating note, Rice insisted three times that the FBI’s unlawful surveillance of Trump aides was done “by the book.”

Kayleigh is an attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School. She explained how unusual it was for Rice to pen her CYA email just minutes after President Trump was sworn in.

“To set the scene, it’s Inauguration Day and you’re moving out of the White House,” McEnany remarked. “Susan Rice is moving out, reflecting on her time here, and what is she doing? She’s not packing her boxes. She’s not being nostalgic about her time in the White House. What she’s doing is writing an email where three times she writes that President Obama emphasized to conduct the investigation into Michael Flynn, ‘by the book, by the book, by the book.’ She writes it three times.”

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