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In America’s most spendthrift states the message is: What, me worry? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a plan to bail them out, and if she fails Joe Biden will deliver in 2021.

Take California, where Democratic leaders in Sacramento this week rejected Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan for budget triage that included a $14 billion spending cut, suspension of union raises, plus a 10% pay cut for state workers. Mr. Newsom also called for a $4.4 billion increase…

The Legislature pocketed Mr. Newsom’s tax increase, naturally, and raised him $14 billion in spending. Its plan moves cash around state budget accounts and counts on the “strong likelihood” of a federal rescue, Assembly Budget Chairman Phil Ting candidly said.

Other blue states are making the same bet. Last week Illinois Democrats approved a $43 billion budget—6% larger than last year’s—that includes a $261 million pay raise for state workers. The budget authorized $5 billion in borrowing to fill a deficit until Speaker Pelosi’s Operation Bailout arrives…Illinois and its cities have already received $8.3 billion from Congress’s previous three relief bills.

On Thursday New Jersey’s Assembly approved $5 billion in borrowing to tide spending over until a federal care package arrives. In April Democrats in New York enacted a $177 billion budget that increased spending by $2 billion and authorized $11 billion in borrowing…

Mr. de Blasio last week asked Albany to let him borrow $7 billion…

Democrats think the dice are loaded in their favor…If Joe Biden wins with anti-Trump coattails that give Democrats a Senate majority, blue states will be rolling in dough. The losers will be taxpayers in other states that aren’t run by public unions.

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