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This isn’t just about lockdowns and riots. This is about a long-standing plan to deconstruct America. This is a revolution. At least that’s what the radical left hopes it is.

To properly combat the machinations of the radical left, we must understand their entire plan. Right now, we’re only seeing the initial phases. This plan is one that has been brewing for a while. Between the coronavirus crisis and the George Floyd murder, these extreme progressives have taken the opportunity to launch their plans. Unfortunately, this is just the start.

It is imperative that patriotic Americans are aware of their true goals in order to understand why all of this is happening. More importantly, we must recognize the driving force behind these events so we can effectively thwart their plans. If we take each aspect of their plan and attack them individually, we will not be successful. They have contingencies. They have most in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party on their side. We must recognize these truths to fight their lies.

First and foremost, these events are not spontaneous. They have been long planned. The events that allowed the plans to be launched were simply catalysts for a combustible concoction they’ve had ready to drop for a long time. Second, the Democratic Party is not behind this. They have been co-opted by the radical left through an indoctrinated base that is far more extremist than anything we’ve seen before. SOME Democratic lawmakers are involved, such as the far-left radicals supported by the Justice Democrats. But most in the Democratic Establishment are simply playing along because their short term goals match the current manifestations of the radical left’s plans.

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