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In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, Black Lives Matter New York chapter Chairman Hawk Newsome said his organization has marched for years to raise awareness of “the realities of police brutality and oppression.” The group is preparing “to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary.”

Remember how I told you last week that these race riots were not going away anytime soon? Now you can add to that the creation of a militia commando force by Black Lives Matter forces who will patrol the inner city black neighborhoods and fight the police for control. Sounds like Mad Max, right? It will be worse than that, much worse.

Let me make another easy prediction. Far from making the streets ‘safe for blacks’, these BLM militants will foment lawlessness, creating zones that in a very short period of time will be so violent that anyone outside of the BLM militia groups will be either driven out or killed. Black Lives Matter couldn’t care less about the death of George Floyd, but in the Democratic spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, they are more than happy to use it to take control.

“…but this is your hour, and the power of darkness.” Luke 25:53 (KJB)

We are seeing the rise of a spirit of lawlessness that will precede the arrival of Antichrist, that’s where ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are leading you. They want war, not justice, they want to tear down society not repair it. If you call yourself a Christian and you align yourself with these anarchists, you should be ashamed of yourself. God is against you, the bible is against you, and I am against any and all who follow this pernicious path to self-destruction.

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