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I was recently made aware of another social justice group with a very liberal view of racism. An issue of great interest to me. I listened to the diatribe carefully, and was disappointed with what boiled down to a rehash of progressive left group-think, buzz-words, and talking points. What really caught my attention was something I took as a warning – the group’s intention to extend their leadership impact into our Jewish community. It is my suggestion we vigorously resist these types of agendas, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my reasons why.

When I heard the phrases “Jews of Whiteness,” and “Jews of Color,” I took umbrage with these terms. I don’t think of myself as a Jew of Whiteness. This is Labeling (also known as Identity Politics) which creates divisiveness and hierarchy of power. Labeling in and of itself, is a divide and conquer technique, used to pit one group against the other. Making one group more important than the other, creates a competition which leads to victimization. Exactly what the progressive left agenda requires to succeed. By dividing us, their objective is to become more powerful.

I am blessed to have an adopted Ethiopian Jewish son. When I share that with people, some ask, “Is he black?” My response is, “I never noticed. He is a Jew.” If I ask him, “Describe yourself to me,” the first thing he will tell me is, “I am a Jew.” That simple. When I asked my son if he ever heard of, “Jews of Whiteness,” he asked, “What is that?” We couldn’t stop laughing. The Labeling of Jews of Whiteness and Jews of Color is creating the divisiveness and exclusivity that this social justice group perpetuates.

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