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The preparatory work has been well done, comrade Democrats! In 2020, the Democrats managed to simultaneously shoulder on America the analog of the 1918 epidemic, the analog of the 1929 depression, and the analog of the 1968 riots. Moreover, as soon as the corona-gulag began, impeachment was completely forgotten. As soon as the pogroms started, the coronavirus had been milked for all it was worth, and they want you to forget about it conveniently.

The pogroms of 1968 (both in America and in other Western countries) became possible only because of the significant external influence and support of thugs. The whole machine of foreign propaganda in the USSR worked toward this. It should be remembered that before hippies of the 21st century occupied Wall Street, hippies of the 20th century were occupied by agents of the Soviet KGB.

The pogroms of 2020 also became possible only due to profound influence from abroad. This time, communist China acts as an external force, with a fifth column inside the United States — the Democrat Party. The country most affected by President Trump, the Anti-People’s Republic of China, is one of the 2020 pogroms’ most prominent sponsors.

The task of the Chinese communists is to bring bankruptcy to American cities, states, and businesses and thereby bankrupt America as a whole. For them, Trump is just another obstacle to achieving their goals. The attacks on Trump are not personal — they are just business, the political business of the communists, in which there are only winners. The defeated, according to the old Stalinist tradition, are simply erased from history. Moreover, money in this business is secondary, while ideology is primary.

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