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It looks like the party is over.

Antifa domestic terrorists in Washington state set up an “autonomous zone” in six square blocks in Seattle this week.

On Tuesday “Free Capitol Hill” the Antifa “Autonomous Zone” released its list of demands from the Seattle and Washington State governments.

The list includes reparations, ending the police and free stuff — pretty much what you would expect from a bunch of illiterate leftie kids.

Within 72 hours, things started to fall apart.

The anarchists already ran out of food and declared local rapper Raz Simone as its first warlord.

On Thursday, the police took back the precinct.

Two officers are inside of the precinct cleaning up and the leftists are not happy.

Cops are back in the Precinct. One comes out and tells us they are cleaning up. Two officers inside right now it seems. People are not happy.

— Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) (@IwriteOK) June 11, 2020

A proposal has been made to put a fence back up and lock the police inside.

One BLM activist admonished Antifa for boozing and partying rather than making “CHAZ” a functional protest.

‘This is why we aren’t being taken seriously,’ the Black Lives Matter activist said.

This fellow suggests that things aren’t being taken seriously because the CHAZ has been more of a party than a functional protest. He complains that Washington has still made no meaningful changes to its Police.

— Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) (@IwriteOK) June 11, 2020

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