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A couple of weeks ago cops protected the Atlanta CNN building from being looted and destroyed inside by a mob, and protected the CNN crew that was inside from that mob. CNN portrays cops in a very negative light and CNN won’t even take the time to praise the cops who protected their own staff. Negative, negative, negative, about Trump and cops all the time at CNN.

A largely peaceful demonstration erupted first in vandalism, then in violence. Cops used pepper spray, and then some in the crowd were seen smashing windows and defacing the giant CNN sign with spray-paint.

CNN still encouraged the rioters and give them full support and continued to push with their “defund the police agenda”.

But the rioters came back at them once again!

Protests against police brutality and racism were refueled in Atlanta overnight after demonstrators set ablaze the Wendy’s restaurant where 27-year-old black man Rayshard Brooks was shot dead by police the night before, while the officers involved in the shooting were later fired and placed on administrative leave. On Saturday night a CNN crew was covering the riots at the Wendy’s restaurant when they were attacked.

In the video, you can see rioters as they attack their camera crew with a skateboard!

This is karma at its best.

A week and a half ago CNN’s Chris Cuomo said “Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

I thought CNN thought that all protests were “peaceful” this doesn’t seem to fit their twisted narrative too well. Are these CNN reporters going to squeal to the same police for help that they support “defunding.” Oh the irony of this situation is too funny.

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