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If you think that the war that Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other leftists are waging against white people is bad, you should see the war that those same groups are waging against black people who don’t toe the party line. They are viewed as race traitors. Three recent stories reveal the risks they run.

In Chicago, Joyce Kenner, the principle of the prestigious Whitney Young Magnet High School, is under attack. The Dayton, Ohio, native remembers living through the riots in 1968, when James Earl Ray, a devotee of Democrat segregationists, murdered Martin Luther King. Her son, when pulled over once, had to explain that the baseball bat in his trunk was actually for baseball. Kenner used to work for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Now, though, Kenner is under fire for telling her students not to join the increasingly violent protests. Instead, she says that they should beat the system by being the best – getting educated and getting a job. The new fascists want her fired:

Now, after 25 years at the helm of Whitney Young, she finds herself the target of an online petition, posted by unnamed “disappointed alumni,” calling for her to resign, claiming she has “silenced student activists speaking against all forms of injustice. Her silence and her enabling of the systematic oppression that her black and low-income students face should be condemned.” So far it’s gained more than 800 signatures.

Kenner is currently standing strong, refusing either to apologize or quit:

“You could go by your experience, and the only thing I’ve ever tried to do is get our black kids educated so they have the opportunity to be part of this world,” Kenner said.


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