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Trump is careful to pick his battles. Sticking to the June 19th date for his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was an unnecessary battle, so the rally is currently set for June 20, a date that even leftists can’t challenge. Despite the date switch, it looks as if over 800,000 people have signed up to attend. Faced with that data, the media has stepped up its efforts to try to reinstate Wuhan Virus fear.

When the Trump Campaign announced that Trump’s first post-lockdown rally would be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 19th, leftists, both within and outside of the media, tried to shut down the rally by contending that the date chosen was racist because it coincided with “Juneteenth,” a remembrance of the emancipation announcement in Texas in 1865. As a backup, they argued that the location was racist because, in 1921, local Democrats engaged in a horrific racist attack against Tulsa’s black community.

Trump, who knows when to fight and when to walk away, didn’t take the bait on this one. Instead, he simply announced that “out of respect” for Juneteenth, he was rescheduling the rally for June 20, an unexceptional date.

The media instantly switched over to complaining that the rally is going to create a new Wuhan Virus outbreak. The tone of coverage, complete with “experts,” is “we’re all gonna die!”

Interestingly, the Health Department’s message was much milder when it came to the Black Lives Matter protests:

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