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Leave it exactly as you found it.

This is a message every parent knows. When your children throw a tantrum and wreck their rooms by tossing books, games and clothes everywhere (but oddly enough not their PlayStation or Xbox), you don’t sanction their immature behavior by picking up after them. It’s their mess and they need to live with it until they recognize the error of their ways. If you want to speed up enlightenment, take away the video game system and make its return contingent on results.

If the grown-ups in America took the same approach to the spoiled brats who have hijacked our major cities, we might well see a rapid learning curve as the mayhem sown by looters and rioters were left to fester and rot as a visible consequence of lawlessness.

In fact, it should be memorialized — at least temporarily — like the chalk outline of a dead body on the sidewalk after a murder. If radicals want to destroy Western civilization, let their responsibility be emblazoned on every damaged building, in every burned-out car, in every closed business, in every toppled monument to the past, which they neither understand nor deserve.

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