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Why is a Senate office building named for a racist?

While the secular Taliban of the Left has been busily destroying statues like they’re ISIS in Palmyra, scrubbing American history and reducing Founders, such as Declaration of Independence authors, to racist caricatures, they’ve missed one big, glaring target: the Russell Senate Office building.

But there’s big reason why groups such as antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other professional protesters probably don’t want to touch the issue.

The building, previously known as the Old Senate Office Building, was renamed for Georgia’s Senator Richard Russell, a Democrat, in 1972.

Senator Russell, a Democrat, Was an Avowed Racist

The Georgia Democrat was an unalloyed segregationist and co-wrote a pamphlet with fellow Democrat Senator Strom Thurmond, called, “The Southern Manifesto,” a racist answer to the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision ordering school integration.

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