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We are unlikely to find more than one person out of a hundred, and this includes law enforcement professionals, who is O.K. with what Derek Chauvin (allegedly until proven guilty) did to George Floyd. President Trump just issued an executive order to address the abuses highlighted by Floyd’s death, and rightly so. The House and Senate are both meanwhile considering legislation that goes beyond the executive order. We do not, however, need to associate with a group like Black Lives Matter to achieve reforms with which everybody, including police, agree.

BLM is right to denounce the tiny minority of police officers who abuse their authority in what’s a righteous opposition to police misconduct. They’re the marquee group on this and everyone knows it. The problem though, is not what’s at the top of the rock, but rather with what we find crawling around underneath it when we turn it over.

BLM has Israel as an apartheid state that practices genocide. If the Electronic Intifada is for BLM, that’s another good reason to be against it, and “#BlackLivesMatter stands up for Palestine” is yet another. BLM’s current statement of principles says, “We see ourselves as part of the global Black family, and we are aware of the different ways we are impacted or privileged as Black people who exist in different parts of the world.”  Caucasian racists view themselves similarly as part of a global White family, as opposed to the American family whose members come in all colors. “Make this Christmas a Black Xmas” BLM argues that people should not buy from white-owned businesses between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.


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