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Tucker Carlson is the most important journalist working in America, and, thankfully, the public has caught on, making him not simply the ratings champion of cable news, but on Monday the top rated program on all of television, cable and broadcast combined.

If the nation survives intact the current insurrectionist movement, future historians will credit him as a courageous truth-teller who braved social, political, and physical intimidation to break through pervasive smog of propaganda emanating from most of the media and the commanding heights of the economy, culture and academy, who are cheering on and financing the forces that want to destroy our constitutional republic.

Night after night, his opening monologue lays out the big picture and calls out the lies, half-truths, and the scary alignment of powers that threaten us in ways not encountered since the run-up to the Civil War.

It is must-see TV and then some. Here is Tuesday’s opening monologue, in which he spoke of the ratings bonanza – in the face of advertiser boycotts – for Monday’s show, in which his monologue went on for 25 minutes without a commercial.

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