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I regularly read the internet looking for stories and opinions to be the starting point for articles. On Thursday, I searched for just one or two stories for posts. Instead, I found myself saying, “The Democrats have gone crazy. There is no one story. Thanks to Black Lives Matter, they’ve gone around the bend, and they’re trying to take America with them.”

I realized that those endless crazy moments are the “one” story because they show how the Democrat party is breaking with American norms and embracing cultural mass hysteria. This post collects just some of those moments. Remember those “nooses” in the park in Oakland, California? The mayor of Oakland (the same woman who warned criminal illegal aliens that ICE was coming for them) stated that these nooses were hate crimes:

In fact, the “nooses” were exercise ropes with hand grips. A black man put them up so that he and his friends could do strength training in the park.

The town of Carmel, California, filed criminal charges against a restaurant for allowing sit-down, in-house dining in May. The restaurant was able to negotiate a $35,000 fine instead. The owner, Jeffrey LeTowt, contends that he did nothing wrong, adding that “More people die from the flu every year.

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