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New York was named after the Duke of York. The Duke of York, King James II, was a prominent slave trader. When will New York (& New York City) be renamed due to it’s name being prominently connected to a major slave trader?


“…James Stuart, who later became King James II, was the original governor of the Royal Africa Company and its largest shareholder. Therefore anything named for the Duke of York is, like Penny Lane, tainted by the history of the slave trade. By this logic, we must rename New York.”


“Island New Amsterdam (New Amsterdam),[53] after the capital city of the Netherlands, which was to become present-day New York. The English took over the colony in 1664 during the second Anglo-Dutch War. They changed the name to New York, to honor the Duke of York, who later became King James II of England and James VII of Scotland. The Dutch surrendered Nieuw Amsterdam without fighting.”


Chartered in 1672, the Royal African Company was a royally chartered company which had a legally based monopoly on English trade to West Africa until 1698.


“Led by the king’s younger brother James, the Duke of York (later King James II), this group had a monopoly on British trade with West Africa, including gold, silver and slaves.”

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