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CNN has been a part of the effort with Democrats, to paint President Donald Trump in a negative light for the ‘crime’ of wanting to protect the country and enforce immigration laws.

Notice they focus on the chant of a few radical leftists, even then in that video calling the US “fascist” just as leftists do now. Nothing to do with any actions of Trump in Jan. 2017. He hadn’t taken any actions yet. Indeed, that chant preceded Trump and has been leveled by radical leftist groups for years.

CNN ✔ @CNN “BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS”: Protests around the world during President Trump’s #inauguration

Julio Rosas ✔ @Julio_Rosas11 Replying to @Julio_Rosas11 CNN has put up a fence outside its HQ after the building was attacked during the riots in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

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