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There is no history of 21st-century America that will not include analysis of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Maybe a few will be truthful about their primary purpose: to separate President Trump from his supporters.

Anyone who is paying attention knows full well that Joe Biden cannot defeat President Donald Trump in any traditional way. Not only is Trump a successful incumbent with a strong economy, which is always a formidable combo, but he is also the leader of a popular anti-globalist movement. He has kept his promises, satisfied his 2016 voters, and expanded his base. A senile has-been cannot hope to defeat a president in that position.

When Democrats began their presidential campaign in earnest, in mid-2019, President Trump outpaced them with his rallies, upstaging with ease their truly awful debates. Enormous crowds came to see him in every city — in red states, battleground states, and even some states he hoped to turn, such as Minnesota and New Jersey.

While Democrats argued interminably about who could put American liberty and sovereignty farthest down the list of priorities, Trump promoted winning issues and propped up local Republican officeholders and candidates.

As President Ronald Reagan perfected the art of the televised address, so did President Donald Trump perfect the art of the political rally. Rallies have sustained his celebrity and reminded his base of what is at stake. They provide a forum for his continual theme of standing against the entrenched, left-wing forces of the swamp.

Well, this could not be allowed to continue. The ruling-class globalists and statists could not stand these regular, effusive displays of disdain for them. This phenomenon seemed to be standing in the way of any opportunity they might have to defeat him.

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