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Freedom Leaf, Inc. moves toward a major revenue increase with the launch of the Hempology brands and Green Market Europe

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Nov 2, 2017) – Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTCQB: FRLF) is very pleased to announce that Paul Pelosi Jr. has accepted our invitation to become Chairman of Freedom Leaf’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. Mr. Pelosi will guide FRLF in corporate governance, sustainable revenue generation, and investor relations. Freedom Leaf, Inc. will launch an Initiative to become the model for corporate governance in the cannabis and hemp sector.

Mr. Paul Pelosi Jr. is the son of U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and has an extensive career advising companies on corporate governance, sustainability, and public policy. Mr. Pelosi graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts, and holds an MBA with an emphasis in International Business. Previously, Mr. Pelosi has served as the President of the SF Commission on the Environment and was the founding member of Cisco Systems Connected Urban Development team.

Mr. Pelosi is currently Executive Director of the Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI), an organization that is committed to assisting companies adhere to a system of guidelines, practices, and procedures by which a company is directed and controlled. The Corporate Governance Initiative also helps companies create policies to find better balance between the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, patrons, providers, investors, government and the public.

Prior to CGI, Mr. Pelosi has served organizations at the executive and leadership levels, and has a wide scope of prospective and understanding when it comes to business. Mr. Pelosi has experience advising both emerging start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, JP Morgan, Airpatrol Corporation, and the NASA Ames Research Center.

In 2018, Freedom Leaf, Inc. will be focused on shaping revenue strategy and monitoring performance of its core and ancillary businesses and investments. As revenue is the key to any successful enterprise, Freedom Leaf’s concentration on revenue generation is moving the Company toward a major revenue increase with the launch of the Hempology brands and Green Market Europe.

Mr. Pelosi stated, “I will use my influence and best efforts to make Freedom Leaf the foremost advocate and example of corporate governance in the emerging cannabis and industrial hemp business sector. Additionally, I strongly believe that the importance of driving revenue in order to increase the value for the shareholders is an important goal of a company, while still treating all other stakeholders fairly. The Freedom Leaf network is an important tool to provide factual information about the powerful benefits of cannabis. For example, veterans and first responders can develop PTSD and other maladies that result in physical and non-physical pain. The pharmaceutical industry has prescribed opiates to alleviate this pain, but has resulted in the opiate addiction crisis that we are dealing with today. It is almost impossible to withdraw from opiate addiction without some sort of aid, and cannabis seems to be a perfect way to aid in the removal of this addiction. It is also interesting that the states which have legalized medical marijuana are states with dramatically fewer opiate overdose deaths. For this reason I am excited to work with Freedom Leaf to produce factual information and products centered around the benefits of cannabis and CBD.”

Freedom Leaf’s Co-Founder and CEO, Cliff Perry, stated, “I am proud that Mr. Pelosi thinks highly of Freedom Leaf’s prospects and our commitment to the mission of marijuana and hemp legalization. We are looking forward to working closely with Paul to build our company in a way that adheres to the highest standards of Corporate Governance and pursues revenue-enhancing mergers and acquisitions.”

Freedom Leaf Co-Founder, Richard Cowan, added, “From the beginning, we have been trying to build a company that combines activism and entrepreneurialism. And given his background in business, politics, and public interest advocacy, I cannot imagine anyone better qualified than Paul Pelosi Jr. for such an effort. We believe that with Paul’s involvement with Freedom Leaf we can develop economies of scale that will make it simpler and more economical for our companies and others in our industry to do it right, as we lead by example. Even though being a public company involves costs and financial burdens on management for legal compliance and good corporate governance, our fundamental business plan has always centered around being in 100% compliance to spin off new public companies for our projects, as they reach an appropriate level of development.”

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