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It’s been said that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. This could be the case with Donald Trump and the Latino voter who once crossed the border in search of a system of law and order where faith and family are protected and respected as the bulwarks of society; where freedom and entrepreneurialism are promoted and not demoted by big government; where the justice system works; and people are well behaved, both in the public square as well as in their domestic affairs.

Trump is the enemy of crime and the friend of micro, small, medium, and big business. Businesses that, together, fuel our nation with the energy and ingenuity to continue to lead the world in the development of value-added tools that empower us to do more with less even as we harness the full potential of our industriousness.

Yes, President Trump may use harsh words when he’s in the stump. Yet, more often than not, the core of his message is in correspondence with truths that we all must acknowledge if we are to see our families and nation vigorously grow; our unity and peace solidly restored; and our principles and philanthropy thrive in the midst of poverty-stricken segments of society as well as in government institutions that are morally downward spiraling.

Yes, President Trump crosses the line every now and then, using epithets that are unbecoming to his office. Nonetheless, despite his imperfections, he is our friend because he has demonstrated to truly love this nation that we have made our own. A testament to that is the fact that he has worked like very few contemporary presidents have in the noble task of preserving and promoting the fundamental faith, family, and free-market values that made this country great in the first place.

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