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San Francisco, Calif. — District attorney Chesa Boudin acknowledges that the Tenderloin District of the city is plagued by drug sellers from Honduras, but frets that arresting them isn’t really worth it.

Boudin, a former public defender who vowed as a candidate to prosecute fewer criminals, is not inclined to address how the surge in drug sales during Covid lockdowns was affecting city residents, and instead focused on the plight of the drug dealers themselves.

Many were trafficked and their families were at risk at home if they cooperated with authorities, Boudin said in a webinar last week.

Therefore, authorities shouldn’t arrest or prosecute them, said Boudin, the son of convicted killers in the terrorist organization The Weather Underground.

San Franciscans watching the webinar were aghast at Boudin’s lack of concern for the spike of city crime and overdoses associated with the Central American cartel’s heightened activity

“Boudin’s solution. Allow San Francisco’s TL residence to be held hostage by Honduran cartels in solidarity with the dealers,” one remarked on Twitter.

“So the Honduran drug dealers family is worth more than the thousands of residents and even drug addicts living in San Francisco? Did I get that right,” asked another.

“I can’t believe I just heard the most compelling case for border security,” said a third.

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