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I’ve just been informed by a friend that school’s closed this year, but you can send your kid to daycare — in the closed school. For money.

There are online classes, of course — but why? They’re terrible for children, and we know now that the disease itself isn’t the issue. Matt Walsh reports that kids are three times more likely to die of the flu than COVID-19. So we know that schools aren’t being closed for their safety. We heard that childcare costs hundreds a month, per kid, which we know parents can’t pay, since many of them are too poor. We heard that teachers are essential and then were told, by the teachers, that they’re inessential. L.A. County told us they’d take the children back — if we could stop all “police brutality” and adopt universal health care and mail-in voting.

The solution to this whole fraud is simple. Truth is, our teachers are overpaid and incompetent. Why send your kid back to school when, according to The Root, 75% of all black boys in California, where state spending on students is enormous, can’t read or write proficiently? Why put your kids in a classroom where there are 30 students to one teacher? Or where you’re a white God-fearing conservative, and the teacher hates America? Or where teachers can’t discipline children because doing so is “racist”? Or where you don’t have the time to meet and assess all the teachers? Or where grades are curved to pass dunces? Or where your voice gets drowned out, as a parent, because the other parents won’t stand up with you or won’t even show up?

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2019, a year when tax revenue was steady and teachers showed up for work, Americans spent,

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