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The anti-freedom anti-private business hysteria-driven lockdown policies of Socialist Left Premier Daniel Andrews in Victoria, Australia, are making the police who have to enforce these policies into a hated species.

Former Victorian premier, the libertarian Jeff Kennett, has described this government as a “health dictatorship”.

Today the dictatorial Andrews government has extended one of the most draconian lockdowns in the world despite the huge damage it is doing to so many people’s lives.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce (VCC) responded almost immediately by releasing a statement headlined: “Stage 4 lockdown extension will deliver Victoria into economic devastation.”

The VCC Chief Executive Paul Guerra made the following statements.

“The business community had high hopes that today’s announcement would signal the end of Stage 4 restrictions on 13 September and instead businesses are left frustrated and facing more weeks of lost revenue and mounting costs they can’t afford.”

“Victoria’s economy is experiencing its biggest crisis in modern times with thousands of businesses unable to operate for most of this year, and the Government needs to allow Victorians to get back to work while managing the health crisis. This cannot continue to be a choice of health over economy.”

“We will continue to do whatever we can and work with both the Federal and State Government to not only deliver hope, but to deliver jobs, by keeping your business alive.”

Socialist governments make life impossible for business. When business fails and people lose jobs they get angry. And now in Victoria too much of this anger is being directed against the police force ordered to enforce totalitarian rules.

A pregnant women was arrested in her own home, handcuffed and reduced to tears in front of her small children for making a Facebook post.

5 million innocent, healthy people are imprisoned in their own homes by the threat of $1,652 fines for leaving.

Since when did the meaning of quarantine get so twisted that it meant locking up healthy people?

This is what leftist governments do, my friends, when the people live in fear.

Please be careful who you vote for up and down the ticket on November 3rd and please let other people know just how bad bad governments can be as proven in Victoria. As I see it from Australia, Potus 45 is one guy you can trust to stand up strong for freedom.

Once Freedom goes everything else follows. In big government Nanny States the little guy gets nothing.

Good police work means upholding Law And Order as the foundation of freedom. Socialist governments make such work impossible.

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