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The New York City Board of Elections was recently forced to ­explain two huge mistakes. In one, 100,000 Brooklyn residents who had requested absentee ballots received ones with incorrect names and addresses. In another, many voters got ballots marked “Absentee Military,” though they didn’t serve in the armed forces.

Does it matter? You bet.

Any ballot sent in with the wrong address or name — rather than a corrected one that we’re told voters will eventually receive — won’t be counted. Ballots wrongly marked “military” will be counted, but many citizens won’t use them. This means a lot of New Yorkers could be ­effectively disenfranchised.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are blaming the blunder on an incompetent Board of Elections, and the board is, in turn, blaming an outside vendor. But as Hizzoner admitted, these slip-ups are standard procedure for the people who run our elections. Incompetence is sadly not the exception.

That’s why the chattering classes shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the concerns voiced by President Trump about a national election in which as many as half of the votes cast might be mailed in.

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